Building Blocks

I’ve gotta say, I can’t believe how lucky I feel to have been able to put together a month of playing a quirky piece of music every Friday night. A piece that I wrote to be a game, which the musicians play to create a free “soundscape” based on the rules I’ve set up.

My dear friend Ronny has set up such a beautiful environment in the Socialist Jazz Club. He wanted a space that is community minded and open to anyone to enjoy and hopefully experience something new. It’s happening at Cross St in Brunswick, a band hall trying to be something bigger, but truly not needing to! It is a space where people are free to be themselves.

Ronny asked me to organise the Fridays in October and I was so excited to book 4 weeks of whatever music I wanted – I think I created a pretty great line up of beautiful musicians.

Building Blocks was always the second set and I wanted it to be a different line up of friends each night, I think this has created some really interesting music. The other very important part of this for me was for it to be weird, but accessible! I wanted people to have fun, be silly, feel free! Audience and musicians alike.

One of the Friday’s, I couldn’t believe when I looked up and saw everyone being so committed to this, three people singing/screaming, noise coming from everywhere, dice being through AND people enjoying listening. Fuck I wish I recorded it.

I’m going to put the game on as a physical game, so the rules and materials needed can all be there. I want people to play, I want to do it again! It will happen again. Keep your eyes peeled.

We have one more night tomorrow, if somehow you are reading this on the 27th Oct 2022!

Joel, Hector, Cheryl, Reuben and Gemma playing Building Blocks