Shaun Rammers is a saxophonist, clarinettist and composer who performs regularly around Australia. After graduating from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2014, Shaun relocated to Melbourne. Since the move, Shaun has released three albums as a leader and co-leader, most recent being Apes with his ensemble Fabric, along with appearing on albums including Harriett Allcroft’s Archie and Unfix’s Self Aware of Myself.

Shaun currently works with a diverse range of Australian musicians and is a member of Vocalists Harriett Allcroft’s Quintet and Lillian Albazi’s Quintet, bassist Oscar Neyland’s group the Wirecutters, Ronny Ferella’s ensemble Spartacus Collective, indie group Luke and Sarah-Rose, the Jazzlab Orchestra and the Scott Van Germet Big Band. He also works as a session musician performing scores for short films, musical theatre productions, and recording and performing with a variety of groups including big bands, concert bands and contemporary ensembles.

As a composer, Shaun has written music from his own projects Open Home and the Shaun Rammers Quintet, along with music for the Jazzlab Orchestra, the Unfix Orchestra and the Darebin City Jazz Orchestra.

Shaun is constantly striving to develop as a creative musician and composer, endeavouring to form his own voice within Australia’s exceptional music scene.