Over the past two years I have been working on extending my artistic practice and have become deeply interested in the art of making video games and interactive media. This is a world of experimentation and is such a fertile environment for artist to express themselves fully. Due to it’s interactive nature, it also allows for self-expression and deep connectivity with the audience. I really have fallen in love with it!

Through exploring how music and sound works within this medium, I have explored making games myself and working as a team during game jams and am trying to gain a deeper understanding of a lot of the elements involved. Here are a couple of projects I have worked on over the past two year. I will continue adding more here as I continue working on them.

Flight for Planet A

The year is 3020 and the sun is about to explode. Luckily scientists have been able to attach solar powered rockets to the side of the earth, so you can get out of the galaxy. This is the adventure of Earth (planet A), searching for a new home.

This is a game I made as a solo endeavour. I joined a game jam during Melbourne International Games Week 2020 to push myself and see what would happen. I’m quite happy with how it turned out! Sorry, it is only available for Mac OS users.


Sock Hunter

The Darning household has a problem. It has an infestation of a menace so evasive, insidious and unpleasantly odorous that it must be eradicated at all costs. Socks. They crawl, they hide and they generally never want to be found again once they escape the tyranny and oppression of human feet. Take control of the family dog, and emBARK on a mission to find and eradicate every last one of these underwear rodents! Use your powerful canine sense of smell to locate them, and then the chase is on! Good luck, and may the socks be slow and plentiful!

This small game was made during the Melbourne iteration of the Global Game Jam. I was a member of a really wonderful team and was the music and sound person. Gotta tell you, loved designing a sound for screaming socks, running away from a dog! Should work on both Mac OS and Windows.

Check SOCK HUNTER out here