Open Home Album Launch

August 13th, 2:30pm
Yarra-me Djila Theatrette @ the Ivanhoe Library

Open Home album launch
Yarra-me Djila Theatrette @ the Ivanhoe Library
Saturday August 13th, 2:30pm

Shaun Rammers’ Open Home will be launching their album on August 13th at the beautiful Yarra-me Djila Theatrette at the Ivanhoe Library. The ensemble will be performing all original music by Shaun from their debut album “Worry Not.” Featuring Harriett Allcroft on voice, Flora Carbo on alto sax and bass clarinet, Isaac Gunnoo on bass and Lewis Pierre-Humbert on drums.

Recorded April 2021 at Pughouse Studio by the wonderful Niko Schauble, the album features six new pieces written by Shaun. The music presented on the album is about energy, for the band and the listener. The album opens with “Relax, Mind You”, which might take you away from any stresses you might be feeling, or it might do just the opposite! Each piece is a statement on it’s own, whilst coming together as a whole album, telling stories of love and joy, as well as anxiety and doubt. Find out how we all like our breakfast during “How I Like My Eggs”, explore the make belief with “Slumpty Dumpty” and then be lead astray during “Follow Me”. “Watch Them Fade Away” is Shaun’s first foray into lyrics – a statement on the disgusting treatment of fellow humans that Australia continues to allow to happen through punishing asylum seekers, who are only trying to find a safe, open place to call home. The album finishes with “Worry Not”, looking inwards and reflecting.

The album will be available to purchase from August 13th, with a limited run of vinyl pressings available worldwide. The stunning cover photo is by the amazing Michelle Grace Hunder. You will be able to purchase a ticket to the performance and a copy of the record for a special, one off price of $45 and will be able to take the record home that very afternoon!

The evening will also feature a very special solo performance from the one and only Ronny Ferella.

Tickets are limited, so please book here