Open Home


Shaun Rammers tenor sax/clarinet | Flora Carbo alto sax/bass clarinet | Harriett Allcroft vocals | Adam Halliwell guitar/flute | Isaac Gunnoo bass | James McLean drums

Shaun Rammers’ Open Home is an ensemble which performs original music by Shaun Rammers, focusing on creating music which blurs the divide between genres, comfortably being able to move between adventurous improvisation to beautiful melodies, along with everything in between. With Shaun and Flora also playing clarinets, Adam playing flute and Harriett on vocals, Open Home are able to create a sound which can sometimes be closer to a classical chamber ensemble, or a larger jazz group, and blend a nice combination of storytelling and instrumental music.

Open Home is planning on recording an album at the end of 2019, so keep an ear to the ground for this one.