Open Home

Shaun Rammers tenor sax/clarinet | Flora Carbo alto sax/bass clarinet |
Harriett Allcroft vocals | Isaac Gunnoo bass | Lewis Pierre-Humbert drums

Shaun Rammers OPEN HOME

Open Home is a creative ensemble which performs music composed by Shaun Rammers. It features Shaun Rammers on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Flora Carbo on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, Harriett Allcroft on vocals, Isaac Gunnoo on bass and Lewis Pierre-Humbert on drums.

The music is open and exploratory, making it possible to create a different experience for listeners at each performance. Think Ornette Coleman meets Nick Cave while hanging out with the Art Ensemble of Chicago talking to Matana Roberts – a great blend of freedom and expression. Harriett and Shaun collaborate on lyrics, giving a deeper meaning to many of the pieces. Exploring politics, social issues, mental health, love and everything in between. If you love the emotional rollercoaster that is life, you will love the music of Open Home. 

Open Home is recording their debut album Worry Not during the first half of 2021.