Shaun Rammers Quintet


The Shaun Rammers Quintet is an ensemble featuring some of Australia’s finest young improvisers – James Macaulay on trombone, Joe O’Connor on piano, Hiroki Hoshino on bass, James McLean on drums and Shaun Rammers on tenor saxophone. Based in Melbourne, they have been performing together since the beginning of 2015, playing music composed by Shaun. The music is open, exploring the intersection between composition and improvisation, and allowing for the band to play with beautiful romanticism, explosive intensity and everything in between.

On March 3, 2017, the Shaun Rammers quintet released their first album. Recorded live at Lebowskis in mid 2016, “Live” features 7 compositions of Shaun’s. These pieces allow the quintet to break away from traditional jazz formulas, helping to produce a more through-composed idea, while still being highly improvised, creating a beautifully imaginative and quirky album.

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