Shaun Rammers is a saxophonist, clarinettist and composer who is a part of the jazz and improvised music scene in Australia. Shaun has released three albums as a leader and co-leader, the most recent being with his band Fabric. He relocated to Melbourne in 2014 after graduating from the WA Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance with Honours.

Shaun had the privilege of studying with Jamie Oehlers and Tom O’Halloran during his four years at WAAPA, along with many special guest teachers along the way. These included Dave Ades, Ben Wendel, George Garzone and Steve Magnusson. He has also been involved in numerous workshopping events, with highlights including the School for Improvisation at New York University run by Ralph Alessi in 2011 and the Creative Music Intensive run by the Australian Art Orchestra in 2015.

“Apes” is the name of the debut album by Fabric, an improvising trio co- led by Ronny Ferella, Mick Meagher and Shaun. Fabric released Apes in 2018, featuring nine tracks of varying densities & intensities and is an album Shaun is very proud of. The trio continues to play around Melbourne, and are hopefully planning a tour around Australia in the not to distant future.

“LIVE” is the first album released by the Shaun Rammers Quintet and features seven original compositions. Recorded live at Lebowskis, it is a wonderful documentation of the calibre of performance this group can produce. Featuring James Macaulay on trombone, Joe O’Connor on piano, Hiroki Hoshino on bass, James McLean on drums and Shaun Rammers on saxophone. The album was released to a full house at Melbourne’s Uptown Jazz Café in July 2017

“At The Brunswick Green” is an album released by Question Time, a band co- led by Shaun and trumpeter Andrew Gioia, featuring music composed by both leaders. The band weaves through melodic and rhythmic ideas, creating interesting, high-energy music, whilst still being quirky and fun. In 2017 Question Time toured to Perth to perform at Tura New Music’s festival “Audible Edge” then later in the year travelled to Sydney and Canberra to promote their album.

Shaun is also currently a member of the Jazzlab Orchestra, a newly formed big band featuring some of Melbourne’s finest musicians. The orchestra performs original music from members of the group, and has a monthly residency at the Jazzlab, which is on the first Tuesday of each month. They also had the privilege of opening for Billy Childs at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival in 2019.

Shaun has performed many with artists, including Sam Anning, Tom O’halloran, Carl Mackey, Tamara Murphy, Ben Vanderwal, Peter Knight and Sandy Evans at venues all around the country including, Uptown Jazz Café, Jazzlab, Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club, Ellington Jazz Club in Perth, the Sydney Opera House and MONA in Hobart.

Shaun is constantly striving to develop as a creative musician, endeavouring to form his own voice within Australia’s exceptional music scene.

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