I write music and perform as a saxophonist/clarinettist, playing in a wide variety of projects. They range from my own original groups such as Open Home, TRIP and the Shaun Rammers Quintet, freely improvised groups such as Fabric and other wonderful peoples projects like Harriett Allcroft’s group and Lillian Albazi’s quintet. I am also a member of the Jazzlab Orchestra, Ellie Lamb’s “Between Worlds” and numerous other ensembles.

I truely love performing and writing a wide range of music. Below is a selection of recorded music I am apart of. You will also be able to find me on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and most other places were music is.

If you are interested in purchasing any of this music, you can follow the links to their Bandcamp pages below. If you would like to discuss any projects, or purchase a chart of mine, please feel free to get in contact here.


This is my most recent release and I am really happy with how it has turned out! Such beautiful playing by everyone in the group. Also my first album of original music that has lyrics.

Shaun Rammers – tenor/clarinet
Flora Carbo – alto/bass clarinet
Harriett Allcroft – voice
Isaac Gunnoo – bass
Lewis Pierre-Humbert – drums

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Flight for Planet A

This was a lockdown project which escalated! I signed up to do a game jam and made a game over a weekend. I wanted lonely solo sax to match and in the end I was super happy with these and put it together as an album. You can either listen as a traditional album, but would highly recommend playing the game for a very different experience.

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Fabric – Apes

Fabric’s debut album Apes is the product of a evening at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms, where Shaun, Mick and Ronny improvised freely together. These improvisations have been turned into an album which flows together, telling an abstract story which can change organically depending on the listener. Fabric has been playing together for the best part of three years, and from this have created a strong sound together, caught between free jazz, rock and rumble and sound sculpture.

Shaun Rammers – tenor sax
Mick Meagher – bass
Ronny Ferella – drums


Shaun Rammers Quintet – Live

Recorded live at Cross St for Lebowskis in 2017.

Shaun Rammers – tenor saxophone
James Macaulay – trombone
Joe O’Connor – piano
Hiroki Hoshino – bass
James McLean – drums

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Question Time – At the Brunswick Green

Recorded live at the Brunswick Green in 2016.

Shaun Rammers – tenor saxophone
Andrew Gioia – trumpet
Djuna Lee – double bass
James McLean – drums


Wirecutters -Wirecutters

An Oscar Neyland special! Can’t wait to play this music again one day soon. Recorded 2019.

Oscar Neyland – Double Bass, arrangements
Cheryl Durongpisitkul – Alto Sax
Flora Carbo – Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet
Shaun Rammers – Tenor Sax
Adam Halliwell – Guitar, Flute
Hannes Lackmann – Drums, Percussion
Reuben Lewis – Trumpet
James Macaulay – Trombone
Daniel Sheehan – Piano
Chloe Kim – Drums


Harriett Allcroft – Archie

I can’t believe how lucky I am to not just be on the album, but to have Harriett in my life. She is a true inspiration and this music will truly take you to a different plain of existence!

Harriett Allcroft – Voice/compositions
James Bowers – Piano
Tamara Murphy – Bass
Kieran Rafferty – Drums
Shaun Rammers – Tenor Sax

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Lillian Albazi – After-Image

A beautiful standards album with a lovely bunch of human beings!

Lillian Albazi – Vocals
Luke Andresen – Drums
Kade Brown – Piano
Henry Davis – Guitar
Tony Gould – Piano
Oscar Neyland – Double Bass
Shaun Rammers – Tenor Saxophone


Unfix – Self Aware of Myself

What used to be the Bennett’s Lane Big Band. I still pinch myself that I got to be a part of this tradition and this recording!

Georgie Darvidis – Voice
Nick Pietsch, James Macaulay – trombone
Ben Harrison & Reuben Lewis – trumpet
Scott McConnachie – alto Saxophone
Shaun Rammers & Kieran Hensey – tenor Saxophone
Jon Hunt – baritone Saxophone & clarinet
Hugh Harvey – drums
Joe O’Connor – piano
Marty Holoubek – Bass


Luke & Sarah-Rose – The Wild

Two wonderful people making amazing indie rock.


H Abyst

Ambient free improv with friends!

Shaun Rammers – tenor saxophone
Aurora Darby – voice
Peter Bouwman – bass